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I am One with Countless Missions

In recent times, the logistics industry has faced great changes in its business environment. Up to now, the main function of logistics real estate has been warehouse storage, but with the increasing trend toward high efficiency and multi-functionality in the logistics industry, the functions required have also become more diverse, and logistics has become an important strategic element for business operators.

As a general trading company group engaged in many and varied forms of product distribution, the ITOCHU Group sees its mission as being to offer its customers solutions for their business strategy and other areas through logistics.

The ITOCHU Group believes that fulfilling the mission will help develop the logistics infrastructure and contribute to creating a more prosperous society.

Integrated Responsibility for Real Estate Development Business and Logistics Solutions Business

The ITOCHU Corporation's Construction, Realty & Logistics Division is a single organization responsible for handling both the real estate development business and the logistics solutions business. By bringing together the human resources of the two business sectors, the ITOCHU Group has built a system which takes integrated responsibility for land purchase, development, leasing and asset and property management in the field of logistics real estate.

Realty and Logistics (R/L) Platform

History of Asset Management Business

The ITOCHU Group also acts as the sponsor of Advance Residence Investment Corporation, a residential J-REIT* which is in Japan's top rank in terms of asset scale. The ITOCHU Group has an extensive track record in the asset management business, having pioneered the setting-up of a private placement fund specializing in logistics real estate in fiscal year 2004. It will take advantage of the management expertise accumulated through experience of this kind for the management of IAL.

  • Residential J-REIT refers to an investment corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market which has residential property as its main investment object. The same definition applies hereinafter.

History of asset management business