Portfolio Strategies

Investment ratio by property type

Logistics real estate
Above 80 %
Other real estate
Below 20 %

Investment ratio by geographical area

Kanto and Kansai areas
Above 70 %
Other areas
Below 30 %
Kanto area
  • Tokyo
  • Kanagawa Pref.
  • Chiba Pref.
  • Saitama Pref.
  • Ibaraki Pref.
Kansai area
  • Osaka Pref.
  • Kyoto Pref.
  • Hyogo Pref.
  • Nara Pref.
  • Shiga Pref.

Emphasis on Location

  • Within the Kanto and Kansai areas, investment is focused on certain locations: those with demand for logistics functions due to their proximity to the production sites where goods originate and the goods destinations at major consumer sites; and those chosen for their convenient transport links, including good access to major roads and expressways which allows logistics coverage of wide areas.
  • Investment is also targeted within areas that satisfy a certain level of population concentration, with consideration also given to convenient commuter access by public transport, private car, etc., so that tenant businesses can attract and retain staff.
  • For facilities made to individual tenant specifications, the investment is targeted at rigorously selected locations that meet the particular tenant's location strategy and are also likely to attract future tenants.

Emphasis on Construction Specifications

As a starting principle, i Missions Parks are equipped with basic specifications ensuring a general functionality that is adaptable to a diverse range of tenant operations.

Over and above this, where we consider it appropriate from a developer's perspective and viable in terms of cost, we add special adaptations to maximize the user-friendliness of the facility. These can be made from an experienced perspective thanks to the input of the ITOCHU Corporation Logistics Business Department, which is itself a logistics operator.

Meanwhile, for tenants who require an individually tailored operation, the facility is developed from the planning stage so as to meet the particular specifications of the individual tenant while ensuring general functionality.

Emphasis on Construction Specifications


Basic specifications

  • The above is a presentation, with examples, of the main features of IAL’s concepts of “basic specifications,” “special adaptations from a user perspective,” and “delivery of individual tenant specifications.” Properties acquired by IAL may have features differing from these.