IAL's Basic Strategy

IAL's Philosophy

IAL will build "collaborative growth relationships" with the ITOCHU Group, at the core of which is ITOCHU Corporation, one of the leading general trading companies with particular strengths in consumer-related* businesses. By doing so, IAL aims to contribute to the enrichment of society through the expansion of logistics infrastructure, including logistics real estate, and to maximize unitholder value and thereby assist in the development of a sustainable J-REIT market.

  • ITOCHU Corporation defines textiles, food, general products & realty, and ICT & financial business as "consumer-related" sectors.

Collaborative Growth Relationships with the ITOCHU Group

Collaborative growth relationships with the ITOCHU Group

Collaborative growth relationships

Based on the "Realty and Logistics (R/L) Platform," which consists of real estate & logistics functions of ITOCHU Corporation, IAL aims to achieve sustainable growth through property supply and leasing support, leveraging the Group-wide M/C Platform of ITOCHU Corporation's broad customer network covering 100,000 companies.*

Meanwhile, by having IAL take on the ownership and management role for logistics real estate, the ITOCHU Group enjoys increased points of contact with the tenant companies and opportunities to gain a better feel for their business needs. By immediately providing solutions that meet the business needs of these tenant companies, the ITOCHU Group strengthens the relationships with the tenant companies and opens the way to new kinds of logistics real estate development and leasing that reinforce the platforms.

IAL believes that such new logistics real estate development and leasing, achieved through the ITOCHU Group, will lead to a virtuous cycle that leads to further growth for IAL, namely a collaborative growth relationship.

Through capturing future trends in the logistics market from the perspectives of both product distribution and logistics, based on this collaborative growth relationship, IAL seeks to be a REIT that responds flexibly to change, promotes the expansion of logistics infrastructure, and maximizes unitholder value.

  • This figure represents the number of companies in ITOCHU Corporation's database with which it has had transactions in the past, and includes companies that currently have no ongoing transactions with ITOCHU Corporation. It also includes organizations other than companies such as public-service corporations, as well as unincorporated businesses. The same shall apply hereafter.

The Two Business Platforms that Provide the Foundation for the Collaborative Growth Relationship

R/L Platform
  1. Strength in land purchases, facility development and leasing of logistics real estate, honed through accumulated development experience since FY2004
  2. Expertise as a logistics operator
  3. Utilization of expertise gained in J-REIT management

Real estate & logistics functions of General Products & Realty Company of ITOCHU Corporation,
which has integrated responsibility for (1), (2) and (3)

Group-wide M/C Platform

Group-wide M/C Platform
  1. Extensive customer network covering 100,000 companies
  2. A wide business domain covering upstream to downstream merchant channels
  3. Strong presence in consumer-related businesses

General trading company that has transactional relationships at
the management level encompassing (1), (2) and (3)

Merchant channels Platform

Origin of the Name "ITOCHU Advance Logistics"

Use of "ITOCHU" trade name granted

IAL is the first investment corporation to be granted the use of the "ITOCHU" trade name

The idea behind "Advance"

Just as it does in the case of Advance Residence Investment Corporation, which is sponsored by the ITOCHU Group and has one of the largest asset bases among J-REITs specializing in residential properties, the inclusion of "Advance" in the name represents our deep desire to grow to be a J-REIT with the spirit of forward motion, progress and advancement.